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Professional Cafe Business Mentorship & Coaching with Clever Cafe

Published Date: November 22, 2023

Who is Clever Cafe?

Clever Cafe, a dedicated team of experts led by ICF level Professional Business and Performance coach and Hospitality Mentor Tim Noye, brings a fresh approach to hospitality coaching in Australia. Specialising in specific areas of cafe business management, the team at Clever Cafe have created a free-to-access ecosystem and platform designed to assist you in training, preparation, and the successful opening of your cafe. Often referred to as an incubator, we prime our clients for success, surrounding them with the necessary support to thrive in the real world of cafe operations. Additionally, we extend our expertise to help established cafe owners enhance their current operations, whether they’re open or closed, delivering life-changing results for our clients.

What Coaching Services Do We Offer?

To provide flexibility, our cafe coaching encompasses the following:

Available Now:

  1. Private One on One Business Coaching Sessions: Hour-long, topic-specific sessions covering Planning to Open and Operating when already in Business. This comprises 10 sessions, including Business Strategy, Cafe Leasing, Operations, Profitability, Team, and Leadership areas.
  2. HospoSure Specific Sessions: Our in-house planning and modeling platform, HospoSure, leads the way in cafe business planning, making it easier than ever to crunch numbers and understand your future cafe operation.

Available Early 2024:

  1. Cafe Startup Cohorts: A unique group coaching experience tailored for those preparing to open a cafe. We’re a boutique hospitality coaching business, prioritising personalised service, ensuring you won’t feel herded into mass groups. Express your interest by emailing us at
  2. Online Mini Courses: Self-service cafe mini-courses allowing you to drill down into six major cafe core operations at your own pace. Our courses feature varied content, including video content, interactive quizzes, visual & text-based learning, Practical application resources, and come with optional online Optional Support.

Why Do We Do It

Our motivation for building Clever Cafe stemmed from extensive research, revealing a definite gap for accessible and high-end accredited coaching combined with hands-on hospitality experience. We offer a variety of coaching styles to ensure you feel included, avoiding the imposition of a ‘program’ before you’ve had the chance to share your unique story. Besides coaching, our brand-new ecosystem aims to provide value-packed connections, another way we serve our clients at affordable rates.

How We Support Your Success

Clever Cafe’s ecosystem is thoughtfully crafted to empower cafe entrepreneurs, providing essential resources and support for thriving businesses. We extend a warm welcome to both startup and established cafe entrepreneurs, foodservice providers, and the cafe loving community. Our platform and its features are freely accessible, with endorsements and our ecosystem subsidising our products and services, ensuring accessibility for entrepreneurs.

Why Choosing Us Matters

Choosing Clever Cafe means gaining access to premier hospitality coaching and advisory services in Australia at significantly more affordable rates. Experience continuous support throughout your cafe journey with a personalised blend of private, group, and online coaching. Our structured business model is centered around prioritising you, ensuring you always come first in every decision we make. Furthermore, our support is bolstered by passionate endorsers who assist us without resorting to traditional and cumbersome money exchanges with partners to win clients. This collaborative approach allows us to concentrate on delivering high quality services and fostering positive organic connections within our ecosystem and community. At Clever Cafe, we are dedicated to building relationships based on shared passion and genuine support.

Reach out to us at We’d love to hear your story!