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Published Date: November 21, 2023

Let us share Nikki’s inspiring story with you:

Nikki Williams, a seasoned entrepreneur, creative, and marketer, has successfully built

Mentwell stands out as a digital gift card platform focused on mental health and wellness services. Nikki’s innovative approach allows recipients the freedom to choose how they redeem their gift at any service provider Australia-wide.

The inception of Mentwell addresses several societal issues. Nikki recognized the absence of a tangible gift for genuine empathy. Traditional gifts like flowers have a short lifespan, chocolates and alcohol impact health negatively, and material goods from gift cards contribute to clutter. Furthermore, experiences often lack a lasting positive effect.

Driven by a passion for creative industries, including hospitality, music, and entertainment, Nikki identified a funding gap for employers to support their employees effectively. This led to the birth of Mentwell as a cost-effective and impactful solution.

Beyond creative industries, Mentwell addresses dissatisfaction with Employee Assistance Programs (EAP), where less than 5% of employees utilize available resources. Nikki’s platform simplifies the process, allowing employees to choose personalized health and wellness benefits, challenging the conventional one-size-fits-all approach.

Nikki’s journey spans 12 years of working with hospitality businesses through her PR & Digital Marketing agency, Milk Bottle Projects. Having dedicated time behind bars, in restaurants, cafes, catering, and events, Nikki’s profound passion for the industry fuels her desire to give back. Mentwell, with its focus on staff retention and overall well-being, emerges as a beacon of support for those tirelessly contributing to community enjoyment. Nikki envisions a shift from the commonplace gift of alcohol during the festive season to a more meaningful contribution to the health and wellness of industry professionals.

As the festive season approaches, why not consider offering this at your cafe business for your employees, or at least ask the question? Jump over to Mentwell here and read more for yourself.