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Less Risk. More Know-how.

Published Date: June 27, 2023

Knowing your numbers just got heaps easier. 

The hard facts. 

Unfortunately, many cafe entrepreneurs are so eager to open their doors that they skip a lot of essential learning, and far too many close their doors prematurely. Leases are now changing hands in as little as 11 months, and as few as 30% of cafes succeed in their first year.

In most cases, failure has little to do with passion and drive but lots to do with lack of knowledge about the numbers and other aspects of the business. 

Business modelling and increasing your financial and operational understanding gives you the best chance of success in the hospitality and cafe industry. Not only will it help reduce financial risk, but it will also increase your business acumen and confidence.

Why you should know your numbers.

By understanding and taking control of the numbers, you’ll be able to make informed decisions backed by facts and figures rather than guesswork and estimations. You’ll have peace of mind knowing you have anticipated possible stumbling blocks and have enough insight and knowledge to overcome common challenges. Best of all, you’ll save yourself a lot of heartache, time and money. 

Knowing your numbers allows you to:

  • Evaluate profitability
  • Determine feasibility 
  • Make revenue projections
  • Secure adequate funding
  • Estimate costs
  • Reduce financial risks
  • Identify potential bottlenecks
  • Effectively allocate resources. 
  • Devise a solid road map to success.

HospoSure – the easiest and most accurate way to project the numbers.

To give established and startup cafe industry professionals the easiest, simplest and most accurate way to learn how a cafe should function to ensure sustainability, we created a little gem we call HospoSure. It’s kind of all in the name, but Hosposure is an easy-to-use cloud-based programme that provides crucial training to cafe entrepreneurs planning to open and those already open for business. With HospoSure, spreadsheets, guesswork, and relying on gut instinct are a thing of the past. It allows you to plan, organise and manage your cafe like a pro. The average user spends three hours completing the program before moving on to refine their business model. Nice!

Our cafe planning software is the result of two years of development, extensive product testing, and real-life user case studies. Hosposure seamlessly combines templates, expert coaching notes, cutting-edge technology, and flawless reports. This means superb user experience, extensive lightning-fast results, vast compound growth of cafe operational knowledge, personal risk reduction, and increased chances of cafe success. Even Nicer!

Coming up – POS Integration.

Clever Cafe is constantly evolving, innovating and seeking ways to enhance HospoSure through increased functions. Currently, our in-house technology and operations teams are exploring the introduction of integrational technologies to enable 360-degree pre-opening education to ongoing cafe operations. This exciting development will mean cafe owners have total visibility into operations for the life of the cafe, giving them the best chance of success and longevity.

I’m in! How do I sign up?

Check out the free demo over at HospoSure to see how easy it is to optimise your cafe business. When you subscribe and create your cafe Venue, you’ll receive a complimentary tutorial. This tutorial is designed to guide you through the platform in greater detail, helping you to fully explore its features and functionalities.

Introducing the HospoSure Foundation Membership Program!

You can now apply to become one of the 50 members who will get to use the tool for free for 6 months! Find out more by visiting the HospoSure page in our Education section.