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HospoSure: Fueling Confidence in Cafe Startups.

Published Date: June 27, 2023

Introducing HospoSure.

When developing our plans for Clever Cafe, we went all-in on research and delved deep into the cafe industry. We engaged in numerous conversations with established cafe owners, startups, accountants, and leading industry bodies. Simultaneously, we drew from our own experience and expertise. One significant insight that emerged was the strong desire among cafe owners for an unbiased, go-to hub and space that could help them improve their understanding of the numbers to assist with the sustainability of their businesses. Interestingly, startups consistently ranked planning, financial modelling, and financial management as top priorities. Everyone involved in the cafe entrepreneurship landscape seemed to express the need for a clear and straightforward roadmap—a platform to refine their financial and operational skills, all without needing to search Google just to decipher spreadsheets . We recognised that our coaching could provide valuable assistance to both established cafes and those taking their initial steps. However, we aspired to offer something more—a resource that could stand independently yet complement our coaching efforts seamlessly. This tool needed to be user-friendly and efficient, delivering significant value to their businesses by providing solid data and figures to inform their financial and operational choices. We also wanted to build a coaching portal so we could offer real-time support and feedback. Fulfilling this demand was no small feat, but we were resolute in our commitment to ensuring that Clever Cafe was comprehensive and encompassed everything a startup cafe would need, while also offering help to established operators looking to brush up on costing skills. Two years of development and hundreds of hours of testing followed, and finally HospoSure was born.

The combination of hindsight and foresight

Understanding the past financial performance of a business through balance sheets is important, but relying solely on historical data might not provide a complete picture of how to achieve success. To ensure future success, cafe businesses also need to focus on proactive planning, adapting to market changes, understanding customer needs, and making informed decisions based on both historical data and forward-looking strategies.

It’s a combination of hindsight and foresight that contributes to sustainable success.

Hosposure does the heavy lifting for you. It exists to make your business journey less bumpy and more successful while increasing your insight, confidence and knowledge of day-to-day operations. It is the ultimate in cafe education, training and development. 


  • Experience quick entry and achieve instant results with hundreds of pre-entered cafe templates.
  • Embrace simple business planning, training, and modeling for your cafe’s success.
  • Attain precision in menu development, pricing, and costing for optimal impact.
  • Discover your cafe’s labour, ingredient, and overhead expenses to sales ratios.
  • Risk analysis and financial understanding.
  • Assess risks and enhance your financial awareness for better decision-making.
  • Gain insight into the projected versus actual performance of your business model.
  • Access expert coaching notes and comprehensive guides for easy adoption.

Make it your own (in minutes)

It’s all customisable to your particular cafe or startup circumstances and super easy to use because we’ve pre-entered hundreds of templated line items and products typically used by cafes. This makes it lightning-fast to enter financials and get results with less stress for you. And not a cumbersome spreadsheet in sight! 

Want to see how Hosposure can improve revenue or assist your startup?

Check out the free demo over at HospoSure to see how easy it is to optimise your cafe business. When you subscribe and create your cafe Venue, you’ll receive a complimentary tutorial. This tutorial is designed to guide you through the platform in greater detail, helping you to fully explore its features and functionalities.

Introducing the HospoSure Foundation Membership Program!

You can now apply to become one of the 50 members who will get to use the tool for free for 6 months! Find out more by visiting the HospoSure page in our Education section.