FAQs covered

Is registration and membership free?

Clever Cafe extends complimentary registration and membership to the coffee-loving community, cafe food service providers, and, of course, our cafe entrepreneurs – whether they’re embarking on a startup journey or already established.


How can cafe coaching and mentorship benefit my business?

Cafes, like many other businesses, are run by real people. At times, cafe owners may encounter challenging issues they cannot handle on their own. We provide a powerful and practical mix of hospitality experience, accredited performance, and business coaching. To learn more about how expert coaching can assist you, please visit our dedicated Cafe Business Coaching section on the website. As standard, all our coaching is backed by accredited standards and ICF level expertise.

What is HospoSure cafe business planning and modelling software?

We’re currently welcoming 50 fortunate Foundation Members! Click here to discover how you can plan and model your cafe for free, or keep reading to learn more about HospoSure.


HospoSure is tailor-made cafe planning and modelling software that blends smart technology, expert coaching notes, and comprehensive guides, enabling you to create your fundamental cafe business model in as little as three hours, then refine and optimise it by improving operational and numerical know-how at your own pace.



What are the benefits of registering and creating a community account?

If you’re passionate about Australian cafes and want to play a significant role in shaping your local cafe scene, we provide a unique opportunity to do just that. Registering is easy; just click the link. There is also an interesting article in the Reading Room that explains just how important you are and the difference your membership and contribution make. 

What are the key advantages of a cafe account registration for a startup?

Our free membership puts you in the spotlight with complimentary access, including a premium directory listing that opens doors to business exposure and networking opportunities. All members enjoy mates rates on leading accredited business coaching, cutting-edge planning software, cafe management courses, culinary education, and additional resources.

We empower you to control your entire cafe entrepreneurship experience via a self-managed customer portal, setting you up for success and standing by you every step of the way. Our goal is to surround you with a custom cafe ecosystem tailored to support both you and your cafe business. Sign up here!


How is information from the surveys used?

We conduct new surveys approximately once a year to gather valuable insights into the Australian cafe industry and the dedicated individuals behind it. All surveys are, of course, confidential and anonymous. Given our platform’s specific focus on the cafe industry, we are in a position to generate powerful and impactful hospitality benchmarking, which helps us better understand how we can contribute and improve the industry. Our aim is to achieve a broad consensus on various aspects. Once all the data is collected and thoroughly analysed, we share a free comprehensive benchmark report with all community members. Your input and participation play a crucial role in shaping this insightful report.

Can I have more than one membership with you?

Sure, you can. Having two memberships is completely possible and often practical. For instance, if you’re a foodservice provider or work for one and also visit cafes regularly, it makes sense to hold both a food service account and a community membership. This way, you can efficiently support the cafes you do business with.

Feel free to use the site in a way that suits your needs, but do keep in mind that we monitor accounts to ensure legitimate usage. So, please use your memberships responsibly and for their intended purposes. Your cooperation helps maintain a thriving and trustworthy community.

When can I add my trade or service business to the directory and ecosystem?

We’ve already had lots of interest in this service, being so targeted at the cafe industry. We’re excited to announce that we’ll be launching this service in the near future! For detailed information regarding availability dates and costs, please don’t hesitate to contact us. There is also a useful article in the Reading Room that you may find helpful in the meantime. 

If you have a question that isn’t listed here, please contact us, and we’ll get back to you on the next working business day.