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Published Date: October 29, 2023

Employii is a Perth-based HR consultancy servicing clients Australia-wide.

We stand for work rights, mental health, economic independence and have a genuine care for the companies and people we work with. We pride ourselves on being authentic, accountable and having a growth mindset which enables us to achieve great results for our clients, their teams and the community.

Employii is based on people and relationships; to us, that’s what makes a good business. With a HR Expert on your side, you’ll:

  • be confident you’re meeting HR best practice, doing right by your team
  • ensure your contracts, pay and rostering is correct and efficient – Flat rates? All-inclusive salaries? Let us do the math and ensure they’re up to scratch.
  • have customised policies in place to support your business and team
  • manage conflict quickly and appropriately, seeking win-win outcomes for all parties 
  • reduce potential unfair dismissal, discrimination, underpayments and other claims
  • build an effective and engaging organisational culture aligned to your broader business strategy
  • learn via HR 101 training and workshops for business owners and managers
  • save time on recruitment processes, HR compliance and HR admin tasks
  • automate and streamline your people-based systems, saving even more time 
  • support your team with their career progression, while supporting internal succession pathways and reducing vacancy strains
  • have strategic HR advice in your back pocket, ready to grow with your business when you are

We offer a variety of different packages, suitable for businesses of any size with any number of employees. Whether it’s a one off employment query or a long-term HR solution that you’re looking for, we have various packages to meet your needs; balancing budget, priorities and people. Contact us to find out how we can serve your startup or established cafe business with your HR requirements.