Tim Noye – Hospitality Coach

Leading Hospitality Mentor
Accredited Business Coach
Certified Performance Coach
Professional Chef


Your Dedicated Hospitality Mentor
Meet Tim, a seasoned advisor with over 27 years of practical experience in the hospitality industry. Tim isn’t your typical hospitality professional. With a background as a Leading Hospitality Mentor, ICF Accredited Business Coach, Certified Performance Coach, Professional Chef, and Entrepreneur, he offers a grounded perspective shaped by years of hands-on experience.


Tim has owned and managed various hospitality businesses, including QSRs and cafes, giving him a deep understanding of the challenges hospitality entrepreneurs face. This distinctive combination ensures significant value for your business, making Tim a highly sought-after mentor. His guidance is grounded in real-life experience, going beyond academic knowledge. With an impressive track record of over 6000 coaching hours, Tim has earned a reputation for delivering powerful results for hospitality businesses of all sizes, from startups to multi-site chain enterprises.


Tailored Mentorship & Tangible Results
Tim’s mentoring is practical and personalised, specialising in 10 key areas of cafe business management, relevant to both startups and established cafes, ensures each session is focused and productive. Tim’s approachable nature fosters a comfortable and supportive environment, where you’ll feel at ease. Following accredited coaching standards, every session delivers real insights. Post-session, you’ll receive a detailed report, useful resources, and tailored recommendations to move forward with.


Accessible Rates for Everyone
We believe that quality mentorship should be accessible to all cafe entrepreneurs. That’s why we offer affordable rates for Coaching & Mentorship sessions, with a generous 60% discount available for members. Through endorsements and our dedicated Clever Cafe ecosystem, we’re committed to making sure that cost isn’t a barrier to your success.


Take Your Cafe Business to the Next Level
To schedule a 1:1 Cafe Coaching & Mentorship session with Tim, simply sign up for a free membership and book your slot

Tim’s impact on our business has been undeniably positive. He shows a genuine dedication to our success, displaying unwavering commitment to achieving our objectives.


He excels in dealing with practical aspects and ensures that his guidance is grounded in reality rather than theory. His results-driven approach has allowed us to meticulously monitor the return on our investments, down to the last dollar.


Nora & Rouby
Owners – LifeGrain Cafe Group

As a small business trying to get established in the cafe arena, Clever Cafe have already had an impact and have increased our customer base.

Tim’s knowledge in this space is profound. He is able to identify issues and help put in place easy to manage strategy’s.


Fatema | Owner
The Chai Room, Sydney, NSW

This was the best thing I could have done for my business in it’s early stages! The perfect place to plan a cafe startup.

Ross B | Owner
Chocolate Cafe Startup, Sydney, NSW

Using Clever Cafe and the HospoSure roadmap we achieved a 26% increase in kitchen efficiency and a 5% decrease in COGS.


Irene | Owner
Little Shop of Waffles, Manly, NSW