The story so far

Who are The Clever Cafe Company?

We’re not your typical self-development business tool. As a hub for cafe networking, training, and coaching, we are dedicated to offering personalised support, valuable resources, and connections to the Australian cafe industry. Our mission is to uplift and empower cafe entrepreneurs by providing everything they need to thrive, whether they are just starting out or already established. Our services are diverse, accessible, and affordable, with numerous free offerings readily available.

The Beginning

Driven by decades of hands on hospitality experience and backed by our broad industry knowledge, the concept for Clever Cafe began with a group of us throwing ideas around and pushing the boundaries of what we thought was possible.

Although our ideas were still in the embryonic stage, our motivation was crystal clear – to create a system that would support, enhance, and streamline the experience of cafe startups while also supporting established operators. 


We aimed to create a free cafe community where entrepreneurs could connect to vital industry elements. We also saw the importance in offering accessible, affordable resources and tools for sustainable business growth. Needless to say, it took some time to find the best way, but we were committed to putting cafe entrepreneurs first.

The Middle

In the hospitality industry, success depends on understanding the importance of service, value, and experience for attracting and keeping customers. As we developed our ideas to enhance our members’ experience, these concepts kept surfacing. We knew that to truly benefit cafe entrepreneurs, we had to practice what we preach.


Given the recent challenges faced by the hospitality industry, we crafted our business plan with a strong focus on delivering supercharged value – packed with genuinely useful features that elevated our offerings. We aimed for optional opportunities without any obligations, yet we were committed to providing additional support to bolster sustainability. Therefore, we introduced an optional mentoring, coaching, and support area at an affordable price, ensuring flexiblity and freedom.

The End

As our journey unfolds, we’re excited to share insights derived from extensive research and experience. The endorsement and support from industry leaders, enabling us to do what we love so we can serve others to do what they love, make this a truly sustainable and worthwhile venture, and we are humbled to be leading the charge.


We have big plans for Clever Cafe Company, and there are some innovative minds at work behind the scenes, with a team slowly building. However, you are integral to our future direction. As we move past this first incarnation, we’ll use your feedback and suggestions to add features, enhance results, refine systems, and incorporate many more essential services, resources, and tools. After all, the success of our business relies on the success of yours. It’s a win-win situation for all. Thank you for being here.


If you haven’t already, please join us in shaping a bright future for an Aussie institution.