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Cafe Startup!

As a startup, your enthusiasm, ideas, and curiosity are clear as you’re here researching online. This shows you’re ready to put in the effort to gain knowledge and open to guidance.

Business Planning & Strategy

With a solid business plan, a strong strategy, and a clear target, your prospects for success in the hospitality and business world significantly improve.

HospoSure Support

The urge to open quickly is common but often results in issues. HospoSure, our cafe business planning tool, enhances your planning, pricing, and costing skills before and after cafe launch.

Leasing 101

While you’re doing the groundwork, you’ll want to start scouting for the perfect location for your cafe. This is an exciting period, so it’s important to remember to mix in some practical thinking.

Open For Business

Coaching Sessions

Creativity & Menu

For many hospitality and cafe business owners, crafting a cafe menu that’s not only creative but also profitable can be an exciting challenge that leads to growth and success.


A well-managed cafe consistently delivers exceptional service, efficiency, and quality, all of which foster customer loyalty, leading to increased revenue and a sustainable profit margin.


Building a strong team is essential for your cafe’s operation, with hiring, training, management, and development all playing crucial roles.


Effective leadership is vital for a cafe’s success, fostering teamwork, enhancing customer experiences, ensuring efficiency, and retaining your team.


A cafe’s profits often surge when it opens, level off for a while, and then decline. When this happens, it’s not always immediately apparent what caused profits to dwindle.

Exit Strategy

Leaving a business can mean different things to different people. Are you shutting up shop, negotiating an early lease termination, or passing the reins to a trusted manager?

Introduction Section

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