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Attention coffee lovers: Support your local cafe as a Community member without spending a cent!

Published Date: June 28, 2023

The Aussie cafe industry has suffered. Now it’s time to build it back up. Businesses have been doing it tough over the last few years. The Covid era highlighted many things for Aussies, including how important it is to support local enterprises and keep Australians in business. While many of us were lucky enough to be able to work from home during the lock downs, there were many industries where this just wasn’t possible, and the hospitality industry was one of them.

Although some cafes were able to adjust their business operations by offering delivery or takeaway only, business was down by an enormous amount. As a result, some went under. Of course, many stayed afloat, but all paid a heavy price. And it wasn’t just cafe owners who suffered. The knock-on effect meant foodservice providers and trades to the cafe industry suffered too.

Your valuable support is both welcomed and essential.

At Clever Cafe, we’re dedicated to enhancing your Aussie cafe experience. Your insights as real patrons are invaluable so we’ve made it possible to connect with cafes nationwide via an exclusive online account and share thoughts through quick surveys. Your input fuels a crucial national bench marking report, empowering startups and shaping a better cafe landscape. Your contribution matters – it’s impactful. All information collected is anonymous, and survey participation is optional. Your voice can make a real difference.

Improved customer experience.

By sharing your thoughts and opinions, you can influence cafe professionals to make changes that align with your preferences. The feedback you provide enables them to tap into customer wants and needs and improve or alter services and offerings to improve the customer experience.

Menu customisation.

By expressing your specific food and beverage preferences or suggesting new items, you can help cafe owners and food service businesses understand what customers want, resulting in a more diverse menu or a menu that aligns better with your tastes.

Special offers and promotions.

Some cafes may use survey responses and feedback to identify and create special offers, discounts, or promotions, all of which benefit you.

Changes to cafe policies.

Your survey responses may be used to review and revise cafe policies, management, or practices, such as payment methods, Wi-Fi availability, seating arrangements, or environmental practices. Cafes are an integral part of the lives of Aussies. So many memories are made in a cafe. It’s where we catch up, socialise, eat, drink, and relax. Cafes provide a place to hold meetings and a place to work when working from home is sending us stir crazy. They’re a place to sit and watch the world go by and a place where the lonely and isolated can feel part of the community. Cafes provide a place to celebrate, commiserate, share the latest news or just take a bit of time out.

Be a part of helping the cafe industry flourish and cater to customers like you. Sign up for a free Community account now – we’d love to have you on board.